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15 Traits That Make Open Minded People Different


15 Traits That Make Open Minded People Different – Many would describe open-minded people as confident, positive, empathic, charismatic, charming and level-headed. They all seem to be successful, and just downright cool. What is so different about them? Well, they are very open to opinions and perspectives that are new to them. They are open to different ideas.

Some people consider those who are willing to change their point of view as indecisive or unprincipled. Politicians who are like this are often accused of  “flip-flopping”. Yet an open-minded person can also stick to a decision once it’s made, and act on it. If you want to know more about open-minded people – and find out if you are one of them- keep watching! Here are 15 traits that make them different!

1. They’re Good Conversationalists

People enjoy speaking with open-minded individuals – because they know how to listen. They demonstrate curiosity about how other people see things. They regard every conversation as a chance to learn something. They might be an expert in a certain subject of conversation, but they ask genuine questions. They know that they don’t know everything, and they are open to finding out something new.

2. They’re Not Quick To Judge

Open-minded people want to see things from the perspective of others. You may disagree with them, but that’s OK. They will assume that they have not expressed themselves clearly and will try to find out what is causing the disagreement. They also tend to regard disagreement as a chance to reconsider their own ideas. After all, an open-minded person knows that he or she could be wrong about something, so they are very willing to explore another person’s perspective.

3. Life Fascinates Them

Open-minded people already have many diverse interests, yet they are always open to exploring new things. If they are informed, for example, about some new cuisine they have never tried before, they will check it out as soon as possible. They may just love it! They are quite willing to see a film you’ve suggested, even if they are unfamiliar with the genre.

They know that it could become a source of inspiration. They are also very curious and experimentative. They won’t even mind serving as a scientific test subject if it will teach them or allow them to experience something new.

4. They’re Not Doomsayers

You have probably known plenty of people who are eager to see omens of catastrophe in just about any event. A certain political decision will lead to disaster. Violent weather is a portent of doom. Open-minded people, however, consider social unrest as proof of ineffective policy. Extreme weather is simply an expression of nature, not signs of divine wrath.

Political upheaval points to failures or inadequacies that need to be corrected. A new social trend is not a sign of generational immorality. A new disease does not mean an imminent global epidemic. New technology does not mean an essential threat to society. Open-minded people are mentally strong and remain calm when contemplating life’s misfortunes and vicissitudes.

5. The Value Integrity

People are usually dishonest when they are trying to defend a deeply held conviction in the face of evidence that threatens it. They lie to avoid something displeasing, or just in order to get something they want. OK, that does not at all mean that open-minded people never lie. They do tend – however, to avoid trying to go along with convictions just for the sake of convenience. They prefer to express their honest opinions, despite the consequences.

6. They Pay Attention

You can’t really be open-minded if your eyes are closed! Since they are essentially curious, open-minded people notice when things around them are changing. They observe what is going on in the world and often see things that escape most people. They are more likely to notice little things, like how your shirt accentuates your eye color. They will remember what you were wearing yesterday. Or what mood you were in.

7. They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Open-minded people see the humor in a situation that others might not notice. They realize that just about everything in life contains something worthy of a joke. The humor they sense is not crude or insulting. It is just an acknowledgment that most of what goes on in people’s lives is – on some conscious or subconscious level – genuinely funny.

8. They’re Not Easily Offended

Open-minded people are not quick to take offense. That does not, however, mean that they are clueless. They know an insult when they hear one. They realize, on the one hand, that their own perceptions do not set the standard for everyone. Their sense of honesty, however, will inform anyone if they have gone too far.

9. They Have Sympathy For Others 

Since open-minded people are “open” to conflicting emotions and they are able to acknowledge them, they can also be very sympathetic to how others feel. This capacity for sympathy may even be described as empathy. They can feel a person’s joy or pain, even when they do not have the experience of it. Open-minded people give the best smiles – and the best hugs!

10. They Don’t Mind Being Rebels

People often think of rebels as people who just want to rub others the wrong way. But some rebels are people who are willing to make radical changes, designed to get things to work better than they did in the past. Open-minded people don’t just follow along with what others do – nor do they credit easy answers to difficult questions. They are willing to call accepted wisdom into question. If their integrity and conviction cause the disapproval of others, they are OK with that.

11. They Remain Young At Heart

Open-minded people have a playful mindset. They tend to daydream; they might seem at times to be naïve or even foolish. They retain a certain child-like innocence and often do not “act their age”. But that’s why most people love to be around them! They can inspire the joyful, and even mischievous child in you, despite your own sense of what is “proper” behavior.

12. They Are Art Lovers

The indie scene is spreading and gaining acceptance, and open-minded people have a lot to do with this trend – as we already know, these people do not rely on the tastes of others…Open-minded people will often walk right by the best-seller shelves. They are interested in something because it is interesting, not because it’s popular.

They tend to be fans of indie authors because they take literary risks; they are part of the artistic avant-garde. Open-minded people will also look around for more obscure venues, instead of visiting some fashionable gallery promoting the latest craze. They will go to an arts festival, and maybe even take something home with them. They do not rely on the number of YouTube “Likes” when deciding what music they want to buy. They would rather buy an indie artist’s CD at a micro concert.

13. They’re Great Problem Solvers

We all know certain people whom we seek when we have a problem. Maybe something is constantly on your mind, a problem you can’t solve. You want to talk with someone that you know will really listen and seriously consider what you should do. Open-minded people love to get inside a personal situation and figure out how to solve the challenges that life throws our way. That’s why they are very good mediators; they can see both sides of an issue and find common ground.

14. They’re Generous With Their Time

Open-minded people are usually quite willing to devote their time in order to help others. They will help you move furniture or paint your new apartment, even on short notice. And they won’t even complain! They can sit with you without having to talk about anything. They don’t mind just keeping you company while watching the game on TV, or just having a drink on the patio. Open-minded people are the people you want on your softball or soccer team.

15. They Welcome Change

Open-minded people are, well, open to change! They know that things are always changing anyway, so why fight it? Why try to hold on to the past? They know that change offers new opportunities, and presents them with possibilities for improving their lives. Also, they don’t just wait around for change to arrive.

Open-minded people seek opportunities to make changes happen! These traits not only define open-minded people, but they also provide them many advantages. Of course, some people seem to be naturally open-minded; for others, it can be difficult to acquire some of these traits. However, it IS possible for anyone to become more open-minded!

To do this, you need to become aware of and accept information from sources easily available to you. Seek advice or opinions from people whose backgrounds or views are different from yours. Consider what they have to say without filtering it through your own biases or beliefs. The hardest part is learning to listen carefully and to avoid making snap judgments.

Now, this may be something you have to work on, and it may require some practice – but the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Having the ability to think freely and to accept new ideas, will open up a whole world of possibilities! What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments below. – 15 Traits That Make Open Minded People Different


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